Summer Promotional Merchandise: What to Choose?

As the initial warmth of spring emerges, patrons of begin to seek out summer promotional items. These may encompass branded sunshades, customised deckchairs, and logo-emblazoned beach bags. However, beyond the expected selections, such items can also involve promotional lanyards, paper wristbands, concert wristbands, silicone wristbands, and many others.

Why is summer an ideal period for advertising?

During winter, promotional approaches are constrained due to indoor venues and frequently being limited to enclosed spaces. As the weather warms, outdoor events commence and persist until late autumn, offering a brilliant chance to endorse your brand or project. Such gatherings occasionally draw in scores of attendees and culminate in massive concerts and festivals. In these situations, fabric identification wristbands and TYVEK paper wristbands are highly effective.

Holidays present the perfect advertising opportunity

On holiday, individuals venture out for enjoyment, relaxation, and consequently, to spend money. When visiting the beach, they bring along deckchairs, sunshades, and beach bags. Each of these items can bear advertising. By procuring several beach-themed promotional items, one might, for instance, promote a coastal guesthouse. An inventive concept can capture the attention of all beachgoers and lead to brand recognition. Deckchairs and sunshades can also serve as excellent promotional merchandise for large corporations promoting their beverages on scorching summer days. In such cases, advertising agencies can present their clients with numerous intriguing solutions. It is essential to remember that planning an extensive campaign and preparing a large quantity of merchandise often occurs during winter or even autumn.

What other summer items besides beach-related ones?

In addition to the aforementioned typical beach items, unique solutions include various TYVEK paper wristbands, fabric wristbands, and custom-printed silicone wristbands. Frequently, these promotional items are acquired as identifiers for club events or grand concerts and festivals. The colour alone can signify, for example, who is permitted access to a specific event area. Nonetheless, it would be a shame to squander such an opportunity, and wristbands for identification should also be regarded as a superb surface for practically cost-free usage.

What can be advertised on wristbands or lanyards?

For lanyards, one can create double-sided or single-sided prints with any desired content. The same applies to silicone wristbands. Conversely, TYVEK paper wristbands are printed on one side only. In addition to serving as a graphical medium, wristbands offer an intriguing promotional item as they can transport users into the virtual realm. Paper and silicone wristbands can be fitted with an electronic chip or printed with a QR code, affording further advertising potential.

Which summer items should be selected?

We have outlined the various summer promotional items available. Often, smaller clients and advertising agencies are uncertain which items to combine for a comprehensive campaign. This is why the team at Cintapunto is on hand to help and guide in the creation of a campaign that yields maximum benefits and customer satisfaction.