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Fabric and cloth wristbands

Our custom event fabric and cloth wristbands can be used during festivals, concerts and parties. Especially those that last a few days because they are suitable for long-term use. They will give the event more classic, elegant look and will be more comfortable for their users than plastic ones.

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Cloth and Fabric wristbands for events

Due to the fact that the look of the fabric wristbands can be completely adapted to your needs, you can create a unique design that no one else will have. This make custom cloth wristbands a great souvenir that attendees will want to wear long after the event is over.

At Cintapunto we design and manufacture all kinds of fabric wristbands for concerts and cloth wristbands for festivals. You can order fabric event wristbands with your logo or text, woven wristbands or custom fabric wristbands from us at a fast pace.

Since we are not an ordinary importer, but a manufacturer, we ensure a really prompt fulfilment of orders. This applies to both stock and custom items.

Bright and attractive woven wristbands are achieved with computer embroidery, available in 8 colors.

Another option is to imprint fabric wristbands in multicolor “full color CMYK”.

Unlike silicone or plastic bracelets, cloth wristbands are made of fabric that allows the skin to breathe.

Plastic self-closing lock or metal rings are disposable, so they are easy to apply and very difficult to remove; this innovative solution will provide complete identification with comfort soft and aesthetic fabric bands. It is also possible to use reusable beads.