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Advertising PVC gadgets for your company


When we talk about PVC promotional gadgets, keyrings come to mind, No doubt they are one of the most popular types of promotional gifts. That is why you can order branded keychains of any size and shape. We produce them using a unique technology that provides perfect quality, expressive, saturated colors and a fascinating PVC texture. And the most important, it remains attractive for years.

The PVC keychain is a great accessory not only for keys, but also for a bag, backpack or clothes. That is why keychain with your logo is a great idea for a personalized advertising gadget that your customers or partners will never part with! Of course, the project will be done for you for free :)


Magnets are the fastest growing PVC gift products. We produce advertising magnets ourselves. They are ideal for attaching notes to your refrigerator, computer case, or any other metal surface. This is one of the rare examples of useful advertising gadgets that will serve their owners for a long time. Futhermore, they will remind them of your company every day! A beautiful, eye-catching magnet will perfectly fit into any interior, so it will not even be perceived as an advertising medium. A magnet with your logo are definitely a great gift.

Luggage tags

Soft and flexible luggage tags with a record of your contact information will help you return your luggage in case of loss. The badge is fastened with a convenient strap. Of course, they can be produced in any color and with any print on the back. PVC promotional gadgets.